Ethereum’s Most Popular DeFi Projects in 2020

Governance tokens, which give holders the right to influence the direction of decentralized finance projects, have been among the biggest hits in the Ethereum ecosystem this year.

Indeed, at the time of writing the combined market cap of Ethereum’s top 8 DeFi governance token projects had risen to over $4.3 billion USD. For comparison, bitcoin’s market cap is currently $169 billion, ether’s is $26 billion, XRP’s is $6 billion, and bitcoin cash’s is $4 billion.

This reality suggests these governance tokens are becoming increasingly popular in the cryptoeconomy for giving users a direct stake in managing DeFi platforms. However, it remains true that many folks in the space still don’t understand these tokens and what they do. To highlight Ethereum’s reigning and rising governance tokens, let’s survey the largest ones as well as two newcomers, Curve’s CRV and mStable’s MTA.


Market cap: $1.68 billion
Current total supply: 10,000,000
Current price: $168

COMP, the governance token of the money market protocol Compound, is presently the largest governance token per market cap. The token gives its community of holders the ability to vote on key changes to Compound. COMP can also be delegated to others for voting.

In blooming as a decentralized lending and borrowing hub, Compound was already very popular in DeFi before its COMP token went live in June 2020. Since then, COMP liquidity mining, which allows users of Compound to earn COMP proportional to their activities, has helped propel Compound to being the largest DeFi dApp in general with nearly $700 million worth of assets locked in its protocol right now.


Market cap: $669.6 million
Current total supply: 194,006,803
Current price: $3.45

SNX is the native asset of Synthetix, a decentralized platform for issuing Ethereum-based synthetic assets that can track real-world assets like currencies, commodities, and more. In December 2019, the Synthetix team announced a transition to decentralized governance,…

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