Ethereum to crush $200, reaching $244? ‘People will regret not buying ETH’

The Ethereum breakout has made the crypto community extremely excited about the near future of ETH. With Ethereum jumping to $180, many traders think $200 is around the corner.

Although ETH has seen a slight pullback to just above $176 since reaching the top, the party doesn’t seem te be over yet for the second largest cryptocurrency. @CryptoDonAlt, a respected trader in the crypto community, says that ‘people will regret not buying ETH under $200’.

Many traders seem to agree that $200 is a target for ETH that can be easily reached, and that we will see even higher numbers soon, all the way up to $244.

Meanwhile Bitcoin is on its way to $6000, with mixed reports from traders. Some believe the top is not in yet for BTC,…

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