Ethereum Stimulus Response Shaves 3% Off Price In 30 Minutes Or Less

Ethereum has been holding up well compared to the rest of the DeFi space, but the recent news that the second-round of stimulus checked proposed by the House was rejected by Trump has changed that.

The top-ranked altcoin just took 3% off its value in a matter of thirty minutes or less following the tweet making rounds. What does this mean for Ethereum and the already suffering DeFi space?

ethusd ethereum stimulus

ETHUSD Falls 3% In Less Than 30 Minutes Following Stimulus Cancellation | Source: TradingView 

Ethereum Falls 3% Sharply Following Further Stimulus Stagnancy

Ethereum price followed along with Bitcoin and stocks in plummeting after markets caught wind that US President Donald J. Trump had ended any chances of a second stimulus effort before the coming election this November.

The Senate and the House have been locked in battle preventing any version of the bill from being passed. A recent adjustment to the proposal passed by the House, according to Trump, won’t see the light of day.

In a tweet, Trump says he is rejecting the request, and holding off any stimulus until after he “win[s].”

In response, Bitcoin fell $200 and Ethereum dropped by $10 or 3% in a matter of minutes. On shorter timeframes, the cryptocurrency can be seen setting a lower low above as a result of the news breaking.

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Ethereum was among the assets that fared the best following the last round of stimulus, offering anyone who took their $1,200 and put it into ETH earning a substantial ROI.

Ethereum surged over the summer months due to the DeFi trend, but with no more stimulus…

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