Ethereum Founder Vitalik Takes a Jibe At BitTorrent, Calls It Just Another Appendage Of Sun Dictatorship

Vitalik and Tron Foundation CEO, Justin Sun, have been at loggerheads over which of the blockchains rule the world of smart contracts since the latter left Ethereum and launched on its own mainnet in 2018 and into Q2 2020, the same story persists.  


Ethereum’s founder threw shade on Tron Network in a subliminal tweet sent out to his followers on Thursday, April 16, 2020. Vitalik’s latest tweet (which unsurprisingly did not mention any specific project) may directly be aimed at Tron who he has time and again said they have “good marketing.” The latest message comes hours following the launch of BitTorrent’s logo, to which Vitalik and Ethereum’s community branded “plagiarism”.

BitTorrent caught in the center of Vitalik/Sun latest battle

Following the launch of BTFS’ new logo, part of the Ethereum community was incensed at BitTorrent’s latest development accusing the team of plagiarizing their Internet File System logo used by the blockchain. However, BitTorrent responded to the claims stating,

“It’s not cool to accuse #BitTorrent, whose been around for decades perfecting our technology. #IPFS should be grateful BitTorrent leads the way as a leader in this industry to pave the way for others to follow. We should be united! #BitTorrent never even charged you & #IPFS for copy/pasting our technology, you should be grateful instead of disrespecting us w/ your frivolous false accusations.”

However, Vitalik, who has consistently critiqued BitTorrent since Sun’s takeover, has responded stating the file-sharing platform is heavily centralized. Moreover, he questions Justin Sun’s influence on the platform since purchasing it back in 2018.

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