Ethereum founder predicts Megatrend for cryptocurrencies in 2020

  • Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin revealed his predictions about the megatrends that will dominate the attention of the crypto industry in 2020.
  • Buterin predicts a massive merger of the megatrends in cryptography. 

Ethereum’s co-creator, Vitalik Buterin, made a prediction about the megatrends of the crypto space which he shared on his twitter account. According to Buterin, the 2010 decade was dominated by elliptic curves, pairings and general purpose ZKPs/SNARKS. Instead, the next 10 years of development in the crypto space will be dominated by the further evolution of lattices, LWE, multilinear maps, homomorphic encryption, MPC, obfuscation and the adoption of the mega-trends of the past decade.

Buterin: ‘Bigger toys’ in the next 10 years

According to Buterin, both megatrends share similarities which he summarized as follows:

The common theme in both is the rise of cryptographic primitives that operate over boolean or arithmetic circuits as a mathematical representation of computation, and hence cryptographic constructions becoming general purpose.

Asked by a member of the crypto community to explain the above in “human language”, Buterin responded that the crypto space had “big toys” and that “in the next 10 years we will have bigger toys”. In addition, Buterin made another prediction and stated that these megatrends will come together at some point:

(…) cryptography is all going to merge into a big jumble of “here’s how we efficiently represent everything as polynomials and here are the 73 clever things you can do with a polynomial”.

Another user asked Vitalik how Chainlink fits into his predictions for the next decade. Vitalik said:

Possible serious answer: with obfuscation, it might be possible to authenticate HTTPS responses (ie. data from websites) without needing trusted hardware.

These megatrends and their development have a positive impact on cryptocurrencies. Buterin said the former have been “absolutely crucial” in getting…

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