Ethereum Foundation 2020 Spring Update

To the users and the builders,

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Ethereum’s future is bright, and this year we are seeing much of that future come to life as the Ethereum ecosystem builds on a foundation laid by dedicated research and development over the last years.

This update will focus on how the Ethereum Foundation aims to help further Ethereum’s progress, on what we’ve been working on in terms of allocations and more, and on why our outlook is brighter now more than ever.

Who we are, and where we’ve been

The focus of the Ethereum Foundation’s work as a non-profit remains only on doing what is best for Ethereum. And we remain aware that what began as a small open-source project in 2014 grew into the biggest community in the industry. Ethereum’s unique advantage is what we last year referred to as the global collection of developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and passionate users that make up our ever-growing family.

We often aim to work on the things that either only the Foundation can do, or that it can do better than others to support Ethereum and its community. But thanks to this ecosystem of participants, we must begin with a thank you for elevating yourselves and for further decentralizing Ethereum each day. To all that have continued to build in the face of unique challenges: your accomplishments and ability to reach milestones have been and continue to be breathtaking. And to those users that have helped over the last year to explode activity around real-world applications already thriving on Ethereum: your support and engagement inspire us to work even harder to maximize Ethereum’s potential.

With that, we’ll outline below how the Ethereum Foundation will further its work as a resource allocator, and talk about how that process works. As an advocate for Ethereum both within our ecosystem and to the outside world, we’ll also cover how and where to follow the latest progress, all in the year that we’ll…

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