Ethereum ETH vs TRON Trx price analysis 11 May 2019

Right now Ethereum is trading at one hundred and seventy-nine dollars ($179) with the market capitalization standing at eighteen billion dollars ($18.98 billion).

The crypto space is enjoying a period of increased market momentum and almost all the coins are in green.

Bitcoin is the only coin showing some significant improvement from this market momentum. Many coins have followed in its footsteps and along with it many altcoins have been improving and rising.

These altcoins include Ethereum and Tron. The daily trading volume of ethereum was expected to be eight billion dollars ($8.50 billion)because it has an almost three percent (2.77%) surge.

Ethereum ETH vs TRON Trx price analysis 11 May 2019 2Ethereum ETH price chart created with Trading View

Over the course of the past week, Ethereum showed significant growth of over seven percent (7.31%) and the percentage showed a zero point eight percent (0.88%) increase with each passing hour.

Ethereum’s resistance levels are near one hundred and eighty-one dollars ($181.78) while the support levels stand near one hundred and fifty-four dollars ($154.60).

Bollinger Bands indicate increased levels of volatility in the market. The Awesome Oscillator and MA line are both indicating that the market will soon experience an increase in momentum

On the other hand, Tron has been trading near zero points zero two ($0.0236) and the total market capitalization has been over one billion dollars ($1.57 billion).

The trading volume of the coin was hitting seven hundred and thirty-two million dollars ($732 million) because of a two percent (2.20%) increase over the past few days.

Ethereum ETH vs TRON Trx price analysis 11 May 2019 3Tron TRX price chart created with Trading View

For Tron, the resistance levels are near zero point zero three ($0.0307) and the support levels are near zero points zero two ($0.0225)

The moving average convergence divergence was indicating bad news of a decreased market momentum.

The RSI shows that the pressures are neutral because of each other. An overall decreased market momentum is expected.


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