Ethereum (ETH) Vitalik Buterin retweeted on Proof of Isolation Concept for an App highlighting Quarantine

Ethereum retweeted:  “The world may have stopped, but #Ethereum 2.0 keeps on chugging. I’ve made up to date with all the latest, and I even dare to express an opinion or two.” Some of the investors are having to state that they are preparing their bags to rise through the recession period.

The latest from the Ethereum developer world is Tenderly Pro.  In their announcement about their Tenderly App, they state that it is the next-generation platform for all the smart contracts and Dapp’s needs.  Several teams and companies are building their next generation of WebApps. The Beta was open to the public.  The Tenderly is now out of the Beta.

The Tenderly Pro consists of everything that the developers have been using so far.  Also, to what is already there, it can simulate transactions without having to submit them on-chain, which means it is possible via an API.  Advanced Analytics caters to sophisticated dApps and Protocols.  Provides with Tenderly tooling for local Ganache or Geth transactions.  Webhooks provides real-time notifications for smart contracts and a lot of other features.

Ethereum (ETH) Vitalik retweeted on Proof of Isolation Concept

Vitalik.eth tweeted:  “It’s quadratic funding season again! Make sure to contribute to the projects you think are valuable.”

Vitalik retweeted about Peter Szilagyi: “Spent a bit of time putting together a proof of concept interface for a #coronavirus #SocialDistance aiding mobile app. I’d like to request some early feedback to decide whether to pursue it or not. PS: I’m not a UI/UX engineer, so don’t crap on the visuals. 1/10.”

In reply to Peter, a user replied:  “An app where infected people could share their GPS history (anonymously) would be sweet.”  Many feel, this can be a brilliant idea.

Some opine that the delivery company will be formed around proof-of-isolation with a 24/7 video feed + geolocation analyzed by machine learning.

The App that Peter prospects to build is…

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