Ethereum (ETH) ProgPoW Delayed or Abandoned? Summary of Core Developer Call


Within the framework of the Ethereum Core Devs Meeting 82, which was held last night, the goal of the meeting of top-tier developers from the Ethereum (ETH) networks was to decide the fate of the Programmatic Proof-of-Work update implementation, designed to eliminate ASIC-mining in Ethereum (ETH).

The update that nobody wants

The call was prepared in the face of fierce resistance by the vast majority of Ethereum (ETH) project contributors. Their concerns were best captured by Vlad Zamfir, a veteran of Ethereum development and a Casper protocol co-author.

The advocates of ProgPoW insisted that it’s much safer to prepare the transition towards Ethereum 2.0 with no ASIC-mining in the Ethereum network.

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At the meeting yesterday, the pro-ProgPoW positions were pursued by the author of the Ethereum mining algorithm, Kristy-Leigh Minehan, and Michael Carter, developer and YouTube host. The two were opposed by Martin Köppelmann of GnosisPM and Matt Luongo of Thesis. Also, Ben DiFrancesco of Build Blockchain Tech proposed launching ProgPoW in a testnet environment (either special or Ropsten) without including it in the hardfork.

Not tonight

After all, the proposal to implement ProgPoW failed to progress beyond its current ‘accepted’ status and has not yet been added to the hardfork.

This most…

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