Ethereum (ETH) in Free Fall, Down 34% Following Bitcoin Cash Idea

  • Ethereum (ETH) slides 34 percent as bears step up
  • Bitcoin Cash may be used to temporarily solve Ethereum’s scalability problems

Vitalik has an audacious plan of integrating Ethereum with Bitcoin Cash before ETH 2.0 full activation. However, there is resistance from some quarters with a majority against his idea. In the meantime, bears are in full throttle as ETH slumps 34 percent from last week’s close.

Ethereum Price Analysis


Regardless of how Ethereum supporters try to scrutinize the platform’s performance, everything will boil down to scalability. Striking a perfect balance and ticking all the boxes satisfying the requirements of the blockchain trilemma is hard.

Therefore, while the developer community agitates for scalable networks, it all about making good choices. Presently, Vitalik and team chose decentralization and security over scalability. Limiting as it is, that is not stopping project managers from flocking and launching dApp from the platform. And Joseph Lubin, in an interview, said the network, despite challenges, has to some extent scaled:

“So, I think we’re at many tens of thousands of decentralized transactions per second on the Ethereum network right now. And another point that I believe is that we’ve got all this scalability for specific use cases.”

Therefore, the idea that Vitalik is putting forth is off-putting for Ethereum developers. While it could work considering Bitcoin Cash recent hard forks and their working towards inherently scaling the network without layer two options like in Bitcoin, his choice didn’t bode well with developers. Francis Pouliot said Vitalik’s proposal is an admission of failure:

“The shitcoin has hit a three-year low versus Bitcoin. The founder has all but declared the project a failure today by proposing a humiliating BCash integration to delay the (yet unsolved) scalability crisis.”

Candlestick Arrangements

Presently, the cryptocurrency scene is all red. Leading the plunge are periphery…

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