Ethereum DApp Transactions Set New All-Time High

Despite reports that Ethereum has been conceding market share in the space of decentralized applications (DApps), after owning nearly 100 percent of the industry just a year ago, ETH transaction volume has registered a new all-time high.

According to analytics firm Diar in a report published on May 6, Ethereum has hit an all time high in DApp-based transactions for Ether for the month of April 2019, beating out the previous record set in December of last year. April’s high for ETH-based transactions, which amounted to 776,000 Ether sent on-chain through decentralized applications, was the culmination of a four-month growth trend in volume.

However, Diar points out that while Ether has been experiencing a growth in both Ether and U.S.-dollar valued transaction volume, the rate of newly deployed DApps has been in steady decline, reaching a 15-month low. Despite the drop in new application creation, Diar reports that $132 million worth of tokens was transacted via DApps, given a strong indication on the health of the industry even if new enterprise is slowing down.

The majority of DApp transaction volume was driven through decentralized exchanges (DEX) and gambling applications, which have found a particularly promising niche in the landscape of cryptocurrency and DApps. With the crypto markets experiencing a bullish turn around, transaction volume in both Ether and dollar-valuation is up 186 percent since the start of the year, when the industry took a step back from December’s last all time high.

However, Diar points out that the stalling of new DApp creation, even in light of record-breaking transactions volume, could be troubling by some metrics. Ethereum continues to be the industry leader in new projects issued on-chain, controlling 60 percent of the mere 88 DApps deployed for the month of April.

Nonetheless, the analytics firm claims that developer interest in DApp creation has “hardly waned.” According to the report,

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