Ethereum Creates Unstoppable Dapps with Swarm No Unicorn Poops Furthering DevCon

Ethereum is the open source platform to write and distribute decentralized applications. Ethereum retweeted about the Swarm Development Update. Early this month, there was a publication about how developers will be able to create unstoppable Dapps on Swarm.  The team is working to ensure that the Swarm will not be a unicorn pop.  They are keeping the community updated and they are trying to stay accountable.

Most of the incentives are focused on ensuring the implementation of the Swarm Accounting Protocol (SWAP).  There will be a book of Swarm and the sooner the structure and chapters are written it will be shared. The details of all the research that has been done so far and how things came to fruition are all mentioned in the book. The development update keeps flowing in.

Ethereum ETH – Furthering DevCon6

A recent reference was made to what DevCon is all about.  The plan is currently underway for DevCon 6.  They are working to ensure collaboration and knowledge sharing; teaching communication and generating new ideas, use our biggest stage to send a message; using tech built on Ethereum through “dogfooding”; and growing the Ethereum Ecosystem.

DevCon is keeping pace with the growing ecosystem. The plans for DevCon are based around modern WiFi infrastructure and connectivity; improved crowd flow, meeting space and stages; in house and easy catering options for attendees of all needs and diets.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted:  “Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem integration is important to ensure the best possible experience in a way being true to the community. Therefore, the ETH community input is considered seriously for every project.”

Ethereum ETH A Single Tweet is a Rumor

Vitalik retweeted something that read like:  “Please stop comparing Ethereum’s POS with any kind of DPOS!”

Vitalik recently discussed the DPOS take over by “Apparently Steem DPOS got taken over by big exchanges voting with depositors’ funds. Can anyone confirm…

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