Ethereum Community Freezes 2.0 Proof of Stake Spec

Ethereum’s proof-of-work (POW) era is almost over.

In the last minutes of June 30th, the Phase Zero of the “Eth 2.0” specification was frozen, meaning the code for the Ethereum blockchain’s long-awaited transition to proof-of-stake (POS) consensus has been finalized and is now ready to be implemented in a production environment.

The freeze was first announced back in May 2019 by Ethereum Foundation researcher Justin Drake, who said at the time the early summer was the completed spec’s target date:

“I’ve been continuing to fine comb Phase Zero in preparation for the spec freeze which we’re targeting for the 30th of June. We’re still very much on track […] simplifications are coming through which is great and the process of fine combing is also for finding final bugs.”

As the so-called “SubZero” freeze was explained in its release, the update means Ethereum’s evolved rendition is closer than ever materializing, and multiple network testnets can now proceed forth with clarity:

“This release marks the end-of-june phase 0 spec freeze, v0.8 is to serve as a stable target as implementers work toward multi-client testnets in addition to on-going efforts in formal verification, fuzzing, and audits.”

ETH 2.0 activity is surging as of late. In May, the forthcoming updated Ethereum blockchain received its second testnet via Prysmatic Labs, who have developed the Prysm client, an addition to the network’s inaugural Nimbus testnet made by the Status project.

Earlier this month, the aforementioned Drake said during the 19th ETH 2.0 Implementers Call that the builders of the smart contract platform were eyeing an end-of-June POS spec freeze.

The finalization was to take place ahead of the release of the Beacon Chain deposit contract at Devcon5 in…

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