Ethereum Classic Labs: Program for New Projects on ETC

Ethereum Classic Labs, an incubator made to invest and support innovative projects in order to accelerate them on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, has announced a new program. ‘Studio’ is made to support the launch of new applications on Ethereum Classic.

Studio is designed to assist developers to work on Ethereum Classic such that they benefit from its many advantages, such as “low transaction fees, high level of security and a proven and stable blockchain”.

It is aimed at providing technical advice to assist in building DApps (decentralised applications) and conducting crowd sales. According to the announcement, support will also be in the usage of marketing to raise capital for startups wishing to deploy their products on public, proof-of-work blockchains.

ETC Labs stated that the program has been launched and is available immediately for developers and blockchain companies to seek advice on the creation of new projects. This applies especially to those looking to perform crowdsales to secure funding.

Studio is a project which has extended the expertise that ETC Labs already provides to now include companies who are launching projects and conducting crowdsales. This support has already existed in the form of ETC Labs Core, which spends resources on the advancement of the functionality and security of the main Ethereum Classic blockchain. This includes building developer deployment and configuration tools to improve decentralised P2P applications.

What is ETC Labs?

The incubator’s mission is to increase the adoption and utilisation of Ethereum Classic, as well as support its development, core technology and ecosystem.

There is a core development team which creates tools and works on aspects such as functionality and interoperability. It also supports blockchain developers by providing advice, training or resources necessary for them to build decentralised applications that contribute to the Ethereum Classic community.

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