Ethereum classic collaborate with chainlink 24% bullish move predicted

The collaboration will incorporate decentralized oracles into the Classic Ethereum network, and these oracles are useful when it comes to incorporating blockchain into traditional payment systems.

Dutch crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe recently noted that re-testing the level of $3.7 would be very good at the Chainlink token (LINK) price.

The LINK price rose by nearly 12 percent in a few hours on February 29, 2020, and stopped at just 10 percent of the previous historic high.

The analyst posted some bullish forecasts of common altcoins ‘ price dynamics. One of the team even participates in a very fruitful partnership with Ethereum Classic (ETC). Mr. van de Poppe will not be shocked if a fresh bullish move adds to the preliminary price at 24.3 percent.

However, in terms of performance in 2020, the analyst chose Chainlink (LINK) as one of the most lucrative altcoins, as well as a good option to “buy low” when rectifying.

Ethereum Classic Labs has announced its collaboration with Chainlink (LINK) to offer the Ethereum Classic blockchain decentralized oracles and external info. Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ethereum can not interact directly with data that resides beyond their respective blockchains, the announcement says.

Platforms like Chainlink, however, allow blockchains to access external data securely. However, the service serves as a decentralized oracle, depending on independent data providers and operators of nodes.

Chainlink-Ethereum Classic Partnership

The data provided by Chainlink will be accurate, reliable and free from possible intervention as a result of the collaboration. This is useful for Ethereum Classic users, and other blockchains. Chainlink said the…

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