Ethereum celebrates successful August with more than 75 million unique addresses

The Ethereum network has made significant progress in the past month, with the latest ConsenSys showing that it now has more than 75 million unique addresses. The increase in addresses was followed by more use cases for the network, which was used to settle a $20 million bond and host more than 2,500 dapps.

ConsenSys shares Ethereum network stats in latest report

Ethereum development studio ConsenSys released its September report on the state of the Ethereum network, highlighting some of the most notable figures in the ecosystem. The report aims to show the progress the network made and identify trends that are emerging in the crypto industry.

“That it’s even possible to put a list like this together is quite a testament to the transparency and auditability of the Ethereum network,” the report said.

One of the first things noted in the report is that the number of unique addresses on the network surpassed 75 million this month. And the number keeps growing—data from Etherscan showed that there were more than 55,000 new addresses created on Sept. 19 alone.

Ethereum unique addresses

The Ethereum mainnet runs on 8,933 live nodes, 43 percent of which are located in the United States. According to Alethio Reports, the network has seen an average block difficulty of 2437 tH and an average hashrate of 106 tH/s.

dApps and DeFi platforms increase Ethereum use cases

While decentralized application development has slowed down its pace since the beginning of the year, the 43 new dapps built in August brought the total number of dapps on Ethereum to 2,597.

New dApps Per Month
(Source: State of the Dapps)

All of those dapps attract just under 17,000 users every day, who have made over 52,000 transactions of dapp contracts on Sept. 18.

According to the report, CryptoKitties alone recorded more than 9,600 transactions between Sept. 12 and Sept. 19, making it the 6th largest dapp in terms of the transaction number.

The growing number of dapps built follows the rise in the number of downloads the Truffle

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