Ethereum Card for Blockchain Gamers

Today several blockchain software companies are designing digital trading cards to show their ability to take big bucks in the blockchain world. Talking about research done by
TechCrunch, Blockchain Games can raise to $5 million in the capital. In 2019, the investment was made in seed funding where
Horizon raised $3.75 million in total.

14.04.2020  |   in Blockchain

The collision of both gaming and blockchain holds a grand promise for the growth of both industries. Games work as a catalyst to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchains. Ethereum Card is the key to onboarding millions of new users who are looking to acquire their first cryptocurrency. In this article, we’ll see how blockchain games will hit and adopt the immediate future with Ethereum.

It’s a fact that gamers are early adopters of cryptocurrencies. They have offered significant benefits for integrating cryptocurrency networks. And the fusion of gaming and blockchain has given great potential for facing development and overcoming its reach of mainstream adoption.

What is Ethereum Game Development, how it makes a million dollars?

Recalling history, Ethereum games have earned $500,000 in 1 day. It runs most of the code on Ethereum blockchain with the main logic of the game. We can call Ethereum games the best open-source which allows everyone to read the game code. It makes sure it does not have any shade.

How can Ethereum work for you?

If we take an example of a single MMORPG game, then the servers offer strict permission where there is no way then this, to sell superb weapons for money. We can call this the power of blockchain where no corruption is involved. One can use this code and get permission without cheating.

Moving on with crypto countries, it’s an Ethereum game from where one can purchase land on a virtual map. Later, when the prices increase, you can sell it to anyone….

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