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The Ethereum and EOS long-term charts suggest that they have both reached a bottom and are close to initiating the next bullish market cycle.

Since a rapid upward move on Oct 25, most major altcoins have been holding up while Bitcoin has been decreasing. This has been especially visible when looking at their BTC pairs, which have been gaining value during most Bitcoin decreases since.

Previously, this has been a sign that the altcoin market is getting stronger and has been a precursor to another  possible ‘altseason.’

Well-known author and analyst Nik Patel stated in a tweet that he has a neutral view towards Bitcoin but gave a bullish outlook for both Ethereum and EOS. He suggested that they both could really shine in the coming weeks and could begin to eat into Bitcoin’s dominance.

Below, we will take a look at both the price of ETH and EOS to analyze how likely these claims are.


The ETH price has been trading inside a long-term descending wedge since September of 2018. Once it reached ₿0.015, both a significant support area and the support line of the wedge, it began the current upward move.

Also, this move was combined with a bullish divergence in both the weekly RSI and MACD. Divergence in such high time-frames is often a very strong sign of a reversal, which gains more validity by the fact that the price is trading inside a bullish pattern.

There is a very strong resistance area at ₿0.0225. The area is at a convergence of the resistance line, previous resistance area, and the 200-day moving average (MA).

A breakout above this area would likely trigger a very rapid price increase, causing the price to reach values of at least ₿0.025, and possibly higher towards ₿0.03.

Ethereum Daily Resistance EOS


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