Epic Splashes Fortnite Millions Luring Game Developers to Ditch Steam

Inviting the wrath of diehard Steam fans, Epic Games continues to snap up Epic Store exclusives by throwing millions at developers to coax them away from Valve’s platform.

How does a newcomer chip away at such an entrenched market? No competitor has yet to successfully rival Steam’s dominance as the go-to digital storefront for PC games, partly due to the sheer breadth of its catalog.

The answer is simple – money, and lots of it. Through Fortnite’s ongoing and lucrative success, Epic Games has amassed a substantial war chest and isn’t shying away from using to secure the hottest upcoming games.

Rebellion’s Switch To Exclusivity

In what is an unusually candid revelation, Rebellion Developments co-founder Jason Kingsley shed light on just how enticing Epic Games’ money can be. During a talk at the Develop:Brighton event this week, Kinglsey said that Epic is;

paying through the nose to build their store.

Rebellion’s case is particularly enlighting of how aggressively Epic is cajoling developers over to its platform. No less than a month ago, Kingsley explained his reluctance to shift upcoming title Zombie Army 4: Dead War over to an exclusive Epic Store release unless presented with sufficient impetus to do so. It appears Epic’s money was motivating enough – Zombie Army 4: Dead War will now release as an Epic Store exclusive.

The embarrassment of the U-turn aside, Kingsley explained he understood Epic’s approach, saying;

All credit to them, it’s fantastic, and we’ll take some of their money, thank you very much.

Kingsley isn’t alone in seeing the appeal of indirectly benefitting from Fortnite. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint exact sums, developers feel the financial incentives of switching to the Epic Games Store are substantial enough to warrant weathering backlash from gaming fans. After all, money talks and game development is expensive. Epic is acutely aware of the fact.

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