Epic Games Store’s List of Upcoming Features Is Surprisingly Sparse

  • The Epic Games Store has a bad reputation for lacking basic features.
  • Epic has promised new feature updates but has been very slow on delivering.
  • Their latest update promises only two very basic features for 2020.

The Epic Games Store gets a bad rap. It’s not necessarily undeserved, but it does exist. They have a tendency to pursue exclusives a bit aggressively, which hasn’t made them many friends online. They also have a store with many users but not very many features at all.

In the past, Epic has promised to remedy this by expanding the store’s features. They entirely failed to deliver changes to the deadline they set out before. Even if we have seen some changes, it’s a little to slow for most people’s liking. If this list is anything to go by, then 2020 will just bring more disappointment.

The Epic Games Store’s road map is really weirdly organized. | Source: Trello

The Epic Games Store Isn’t Improving Fast Enough

Earlier this year, Epic made the Epic Games Store’s improvements road map open to the public. Making the list public is a good move from a transparency standpoint, but it has made them seem poor at delivering promises. We were supposed to have achievements after mid-September. They’ve not arrived. Neither have wishlists for that matter, supposedly arriving earlier this month.

Now we’ve finally got some of the promised changes in a recent update. Well, we’ve got coupons, a grid view, and some optimization anyway. The issue is that we’ve also heard about which features are being worked on next, and there’s only two of them.

Apparently the first two features coming in 2020 are wishlists and critic reviews. Now, wishlists are certainly useful. If you’ve got friends on the Epic Games Store and want to buy them gifts, then it’ll be helpful. However, gifting is way back on the list of features to be worked on. Bit of a mess up that.

If the Trend Continues, the Store Will Be Finished by 2035

Looking back at the list of…

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