eosDAC +894%, DeFi @ $885M, India Lifts Ban etc.

eosDAC Climbed Up 894% Over the Week

This week’s top gainer was eosDAC – the block producer token on the Ethereum blockchain, which went up by over 894% over a period of seven days. The crypto-asset traded at $0.007 on March 2, however it rose to $0.035 on Mar 8. The eosDAC is a decentralized autonomous community (DAC) project, which is a major EOS blockchain block producer.

DeFi Falls Down To $872M

The crypto-market is showing red this weekend majorly. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) also fell down to $872M total value locked (TVL) from the weekend starting value of $944M on Mar 2. The Maker dominance is currently standing at 57.86%. This significant reduction in value can be linked to the carnage, currently undergoing in the crypto-markets with people liquidating their position and taking the money out.

Provable Things Implements Cross Liquidity Solution Using Kyber and Bancor

Provable things launched proxy type p-tokens on Ethereum and merged them with the liquidity solutions providers Kyber and Bancor on Mar 5. This new project will allow liquidity to flow across different blockchains and will allow conversion of Bitcoin to Ethereum based token (example pBTC) so that Bitcoin holders can access the DeFi services on Ethereum.

The most interesting #DeFi news we have seen this week, in no particular order:

@KyberNetwork and @Bancor have been integrated into a new cross-chain liquidity platform in a move aimed to bring bitcoin to decentralized finance.” https://t.co/VBLPyhaoOJ— DeFi.jobs (@defijobs) March 8, 2020

Origin Browser Extension Arrives

The decentralized commerce marketplace launched the browser extension on Mar 3 and announced the reward of 15 OGN tokens for installing and using the extension. The team expects users to test the concept and provide valuable data, which will assist in developing the product further.

Marshall Islands Will Issue Digital…

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