Enjoy Euro 2020 finals the crypto and blockchain way

The date is set. July 11 is when soccer fans all over the world can, for a period of at least 90 minutes, forget all about what’s wrong with the outside world and finally get to witness who will be the winner of one of the most widely viewed sports in the world. England and Italy will compete for the honor to win the coveted UEFA European Football Championship 2020, or Euro 2020, trophy, which only comes around once every two years.

Here is a little thought experiment for all the casual soccer fans out there: Try to think of every active soccer player you can think of. If the athletes in question are all relatively established and play for the top leagues in the world, then there is a high probability that they are representing their country in this year’s Euro 2020 championship.

To really put things into perspective as to how big this event is, a recent study showed that a staggering 23.8 million viewers watched England’s historic Euro 2020 victory against Denmark, with the last five minutes of the nail-biting semi-finals drawing a peak audience of over 25.7 million. In fact, the event’s viewership was only eclipsed in recent memory by the United Kingdom Prime Minister’s coronavirus announcement back in May, which was seen by nearly 27 million people across six different local news channels.

This final promises to be a banger

A month of tense and exhilarating soccer has passed by and now it’s time for the two remaining top dogs, Italy and England, to fight it out at the historical Wembley Stadium.

In the past, the tournament has seen many of Europe’s heavyweights slug it out. However, it bears mentioning that this time around, the Italian team, The Azzurri, has yet to lose a match in a whopping 33 international games, leaving them just a step away from carving their names in the records of soccer history.

Their opponent, England, also known as the Three Lions, has also had strong gameplay through this year’s Euro 2020. They only allowed one goal during…

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