Enermax MaxRevo 1800W PSU Review: Big Wattage and Noise to Match

Enermax MaxRevo 1800W PSU

If you need a ton of wattage, the strongest Enermax MaxRevo can deliver up to 1800W, but only if you connect it to a 230V socket. With 115V, it is “restricted” to 1600W, a power level that will easily cover though every gaming system’s demands. With the end of the mining era there is limited competition in this high wattage category and this is probably good news for the EMR1800EXT, since it doesn’t achieve high overall performance, it is noisy and its efficiency is low compared to units like the Corsair AX1600i and the EVGA 1600 P2. The platform, on which this model is based, is an older Enermax design which doesn’t fare well when compared to more-modern competitors. For the $400 (£306) that Enermax asks for this product,
there are better alternatives.

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