Energy Efficient FPGA Crypto Miner with Reconfiguration

AtomMiner AM01 is a new FPGA hardware miner that provides users with access to non-stop mining operation in an automatic mode. AtomMiner is designed in such a way that its infrastructure and one-click solution can enable anyone with interest in crypto to begin mining regardless of experience or knowledge in FPGA.

Compared to other crypto miners in the market, the AtomMiner AM01 features one of best hash-to-watt ratio, which translates to extremely low power consumption levels. In addition, AtomMiner AM01 is integrated with Complete Plug-and-Play setup where the miner is provided with ready-made software images that can be run on Raspberry Pi (or similar) or Virtual machines immediately after purchasing it.

The cost of purchasing an entry-level mining rig is relatively high for the average crypto miner and this does not include the operational and maintenance costs for the rig.

However, with the AtomMiner AM01 that has less than 20W of power consumption, miners will save on the electrical costs as well as cut the costs of purchasing a mid-grade control computer unit and expensive power supplies since any computer with internet access can be used to control around 64 miners at once.

Features of AtomMiner AM01

Stackable design

With AM01’s stackable design and minimal power consumption, users can connect as many or as fewer AM01 devices in order to maintain a balance between the hashrate and output capability of their new or existing renewable energy outlet.


To change the mining algorithm, miners do not have to restart the AM01 or the control software. The AtomMiner will carry out all the operations for the convenience of the miners.

Other features of AtomMiner

  • Automatic FPGA reconfiguration with soft start and minimum power consumption
  • Minimum requirement for the host comp
  • Automatic profit switching
  • Hot plug detection
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • Seamless integration with AtomMiner Pool and other services
  • Easy connection or disconnection…

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