Energi Gen 3 – Q & A Update – Product Release & Updates

Ever since the start of 2020, Energi has been reveling us with promising development initiatives. And when Energi 3.0 got officially launched, it created an instant buzz in the crypto community.

Surely, you may still have unanswered questions about the various aspects of the launch. We bring you additional insights about Energi Gen 3 migration, wallet, staking, masternodes, and technology in an attempt to answer them.


A niggling question that has crossed many minds if the migration could somehow result in the loss of NRG holdings. Energi maintains this to be unlikely. To be on the safer side, it warns users against the common mistakes like scam resources, failure to follow the instructions, and error while copy-pasting the receiving address. Moreover, it is essential not to fall into the trap of hackers posing as the core team, who can use emails or messengers to rob you of your private key.

Energi urges its followers to adhere to the instructions in their guide for a smooth migration.


Many NRG holders habitually store their coins in the Discord wallet. So, naturally, the question arose about what would happen to those coins during the migration process and the maintenance period.

Energi assures that all users with NRG stored in Discord will automatically participate in the migration. And once the maintenance period was over, they will be eligible to withdraw the coins, if they prefer. Moreover, even as the maintenance locking period is going on, NRG holders will still get the usual staking rewards.

In the light of this migration to Gen 3, you may like to ascertain which is the most highly recommended wallet for storing NRG. The answer should not be a surprise, for, in this regard, there is no alternative to MEW, or as the acronym stands for – MyEnergiWallet.


One of the major topics of discussion among a majority of Energi followers is about staking after Gen 3 migration.

For example, there has been a change in the masternode collateral amount….

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