Encouraging women in crypto investment

Crypto investment allows them to diversify their portfolios and invest in a global asset class, says Luno M’sia


WITH women now being a big part of the workforce in Malaysia and around the world, their financial independence means that they are continually looking for new investment assets, including cryptocurrency.

Crypto investment allows them to diversify their portfolios and invest in a global asset class, which typically is not affected by local politics, especially in a country like Malaysia, said Luno Malaysia Sdn Bhd partnership lead Scarlett Chai.

She said young people nowadays come into the workforce and look to bitcoin and crypto assets as an investment option compared to gold.

“We will continue to see more of that, especially now that the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has fully approved of Luno being a recognised market operator (digital asset exchange).

“Luno was the first cryptocurrency exchange in Malaysia to receive this approval, and we got to the point with a local team where women are well represented; 40% of our workforce in the country are women and 33% of them are of the management team,” she told The Malaysian Reserve recently.

Women in Malaysia can open Luno accounts and make their first crypto investments with as little as RM3. They can choose to invest in bitcoin, ethereum or XRP.

“Think of it this way, when sending an email, you are not required to perfectly understand how the back-end works to be able to write a message to a friend,” Chai gives an example.

“This logic applies to crypto assets. There is no need to understand the underlying technology in detail in order to begin investing,” she added.

On Dec 4, bitcoin fund operator Grayscale published a study result which showed 43% of respondents interested in bitcoin investments were women.

To date, half of Binance’s employees are female and in India, women make up most crypto investors.

Meanwhile, Luno regional head of…

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