Embattled Boeing Seeks to Regain Trust Ahead of 2019 Dubai Airshow

  • Boeing is readying the Dubai airshow, but it continues to face backlash for the two 737 Max jet disasters.
  • Investors have been giving Boeing the benefit of the doubt, but regulators and the general public have not.
  • Boeing will face fierce competition on Sunday at the 2019 Dubai Airshow, where it will attempt to save face.

Boeing has proven to be one of those stocks that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. And while it has not fallen out of favor with investors, its reputation among the general public has suffered a major blow amid regrettable revelations from the crash of two of its 737 Max airplanes.

Now the company has the monumental task of facing its competitors and potential customers at the 2019 Dubai Air Show, which is scheduled to kick off on Sunday. Boeing Defense, Space, and Security CEO Leanne Caret maintains that there is excitement surrounding the company’s military tanker, though chief rivals Airbus and Lockheed Martin will no doubt be looking to muscle their troubled rival out of contention. The burden of proof rests on Boeing to restore the reputation both of its commercial and defense products alike.

“I can share that there is significant interest in the region and around the globe, and again it just reinforces that the community at large sees the great capability of the KC-46A,” said Caret.

Perhaps. But there is also a cloud hanging over the head of Boeing’s management team.

Airshow Angst

The UAE airshow has been a boon for Boeing in years past, with the aerospace giant having scored its largest single-aisle jet order in the region just two short years ago. This year, however, the company’s presence is marred by the Max jet, whose grounding is going on eight long months. In a presser on Saturday ahead of Sunday’s Dubai Air Show, Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal acknowledged:

“We know we got to re-earn that trust.”

The question is can they? Boeing isn’t out of the regulatory woods yet, with the future of…

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