Elrond Launches Maiar Wallet & Payments App to Market

Elrond has just launched Maiar to the world – and it could make global payments much easier and cheaper. The company has been able to build up a market cap of nearly a billion USD in just three years, and now it is working to give global citizens the best payment options out there.

Elrond’s CEO, Beniamin Mincu, commented that,

“Money is humanity’s best attempt at making fungible something that fundamentally is not: our time. We have built Maiar to help you take it back.”

Indeed, Elrond has been hard at work over the past few years. Maiar is both a mobile wallet and payments app that opens up doors that other payments platforms like PayPal simply don’t want to deal with.

Elrond’s Maiar is Innovation for Payments

Elrond’s blockchain is able to settle more than 100,000 transactions per second, and Maiar leverages this technology to the maximum amount possible.

People no longer need to deal with banks that are very slow and don’t give their clients any accountability.

Maiar is built to be used from a smartphone, which is a technology that is in almost everyone’s hand these days.

With this high-speed payments technology, people all over the world (anywhere with internet access) have the potential to use a vastly superior payments system.

According to Beniamin Mincu,

“Billions of people are able to send direct messages to their contacts because it’s convenient, intuitive, and inexpensive…Maiar and the Elrond blockchain now offer them the same experience when it comes to sending money.”

The Power of Connections

The world has gotten smaller – but the banking system seems to be as big as ever.

In point of fact, money is data and nothing more.

With a payments platform like Maiar, people don’t need to deal with a bank that is very slow and doesn’t even give people the ability to hold currency directly.

It might not be a popular topic, but banks don’t actually give people the ability to own money. Instead, when a bank takes a person’s money – it is…

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