Elon Musk Proves He’s Our Dumbest Smart Guy With His Latest Tweet

  • Elon Musk thinks concerns about the coronavirus are overblown.
  • The Tesla CEO may have just had another “Funding Secured” or “Pedo Guy” after his recent tweet.
  • Would Chinese whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang, who died fighting the disease, agree with his message?

Elon Musk thinks people who are afraid of the coronavirus are dumb.

Let’s see who ends up looking the dumbest, Elon. | Source: Twitter

No one can doubt his genius as an inventor and businessman. But his recent tweet will age terribly, even if the health crisis is eventually brought under control.

Of Course Elon Musk Isn’t Scared Of COVID-19

Musk, like many highly intelligent people, is a very pragmatic thinker. He knows that the coronavirus isn’t particularly dangerous for many people and that only 100,000 people in a world of billions have been infected.

It’s easy to see why people like Elon Musk don’t fear the coronavirus. | Source: Twitter

But it’s not foolish to be concerned about COVID-19. It’s a perfectly sensible reaction.

Musk Contradicts The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization exists to keep the world safe from pandemic disease. Like all international operations, they have considerable shortcomings, but they are still a group of highly qualified health experts doing their best.

And right now, they are telling you to be concerned and take precautions. They just revealed that the virus is 70% deadlier than originally feared.

Current statistics suggest that the coronavirus is exponentially more dangerous than the flu, mainly if you are above the age of 55.

Many of us may have family members who are over this age or have other health complications. Worrying about those people does not make you dumb; it makes you human.

I wonder what Dr. Li Wenliang would say about Elon Musk’s comments. China silenced the whistleblowing doctor who raised the alarm about the rapid spread of the disease. He’s now dead.

It’s possible the Chinese government told him precisely…

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