Elon Musk Has a Texas Sized Problem With His New Tesla Cybertruck

  • A comprehensive Twitter study shows a polarizing public response to Tesla’s new Cybertruck.
  • Elon Musk may have failed to showcase the functionality of his new EV to the pick-up truck faithful.
  • A Texan backlash against the Cybertruck on Twitter threatens Tesla’s entrance into the most lucrative light truck market.

The Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled last week, and to say the response was mixed is putting it mildly. A comprehensive trend study on Twitter shows just how polarizing consumers’ initial impressions of Elon Musk’s latest EV were, and how much work the company has to do to win over vital pick-up truck strongholds.

Tesla Cybertruck Received Poorly In Key Markets

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Source- Alan Marek, partcatalog.com

The above graph was provided to CCN by Alan Marek of partcatalog.com, who offered the following explanation for how the sentiment data was harvested from Twitter,

The map is based on geotagged Twitter data immediately after the reveal, tracking the initial reaction to Tesla’s “Cybertruck” reveal in each state. Over 100,000 geotagged tweets were tagged with #cybertruck, and within those, phrases such as “I hate it,” or, “I love it” or “I hate the design” or “I love the design,” in addition to terms like “ugly” or “awesome” were tracked.

As the map demonstrates, just 19 U.S. states had a majority positive reaction to the Tesla Cybertruck. This leaves 31 states where Twitter user’s reactions were adverse. It is worth noting that there is a clear divide between the East and West coasts relative to the rest of the United States.

Despite winning in the most populous regions in the U.S., the test data (also made available by PartCatalog) demonstrates that Musk’s creation still lost the popular vote, with a 52% to 48% split.

It is no secret that Musk sells a lot of cars in California and New York, but the Cybertruck needs to be different. The showcase of the newest Tesla EV made it…

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