Elon Musk Gushed Over Dave Portnoy’s COVID Rant. Then Things Got Awkward.

  • Elon Musk wants Dave Portnoy to run for office.
  • The tech billionaire must have missed the time the Barstool “Presidente” unloaded on him after his “Tesla stock is too high” tweet.
  • What’s more, Portnoy actually had the guts to acknowledge it.

Dave Portnoy wants America to reopen for business. His viral rant caught the eye of another vocal advocate for loosening the coronavirus lockdown – Elon Musk, who tweeted that Portnoy should run for office.

That’s when things got hilariously awkward. The Barstool Sports founder has been a vocal critic of the tech billionaire, and to his credit, he had the stones to acknowledge it in a response.

Dave Portnoy Rips Elon Musk After Billionaire Praises Him

Elon Musk hasn’t been shy about his belief that the coronavirus shutdowns have gone on long enough.

So when Dave Portnoy unleashed his own profane rant about coronavirus lockdowns, Musk was first in line to fawn over the Barstool Presidente’s remarks – and urge him to “run for office.”

(Portnoy tried that once. It didn’t go well.)

Source: Twitter

While case numbers continue to rise and experts in epidemiology urge vigilance, the Tesla and Barstool bosses have united in their argument that the government has it wrong and needs to ease restrictions as soon as possible.

But this is seemingly where the budding bromance stops.

Because what’s even more important than “freedom?” Money! And Portnoy hasn’t forgotten Musk’s infamous tweet that sent Tesla’s stock price into a tailspin.

Source: Dave Portnoy via Twitter

Here’s what Portnoy had to say after TSLA tanked earlier in the month,

F–king Elon Musk… Hey, d-ck, what are you f–king doing?… If I had big money in Telsa and he comes across Elon Musk and says it’s too high, you have the right to murder him…

You wanna talk about freedom, Elon Musk? Who cares if it’s too high, that’s not you, that’s good for your f–king people that are investing in you. Piece of sh-t.

After Musk…

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