Ellie’s Sexuality Will Rightfully Remain Gay in HBO’s The Last of Us

  • HBO is working a TV adaptation of The Last of Us.
  • There’s pressure to get it right given the reverence afforded the hit PlayStation game.
  • Show writer, Craig Mazin, confirms Ellie’s sexuality will remain untouched and that’s great news.

Yesterday, HBO announced that it is applying the adaptation treatment to the hit PlayStation game, The Last of Us.

The network is pulling out all the prestige TV stops. The writer of the game, Neil Druckmann, joins forces with Chernobyl writer, Craig Makin, to pen and produce the series.

Sony and PlayStation are directly involved. Game of Thrones executive producer, Carolyn Strauss, and Naughty Dog president, Evan Wells, will steer the show.

It’s exciting stuff, but the show-runners have their work cut out for them.

Pressure to Get The Last of Us Series Right

The gaming community speaks about The Last of Us in reverential tones. Game makers admire it. Players treasure it. It secured critical acclaim from the gaming press. Naturally, such weighty reverence spawns concerns over whether HBO can do The Last of Us justice.

Can the project faithfully depict Joel and Ellie’s journey across a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic America? Will the series capture the essence of what makes the pair such compelling characters to play?

The collaborative nature of the project bodes well. The roll call brings together prestige TV royalty with similarly respected players from the video game world. Naughty Dog is directly involved. The project doesn’t seem like an opportunistic network trying to cash in on a hit game with a slapdash production.

And, the early signs are promising. Following yesterday’s announcement, a would-be fan of the series reminded those involved that they had a responsibility to stay true to the characters, and more specifically, Ellie’s sexuality.

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For those unfamiliar with the game, this may seem like an odd request. Why would the writers and producers toy with this facet of Ellie’s character?…

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