Electroneum (ETN) community is melting away: real trading volume is non-existant

The more apt researchers and unbiased crypto investors and speculators already know this, but some formerly delusional ETN holders are figuring it out as well: Electroneum is a wreckage, project that goes nowhere and does nothing but generate hype and fluff. Actually, they fail at doing that as well, these days.

One glance at Electroneum subreddit and you get the picture: community is dissolving amid widespread dissatisfaction with how the project progress (or regresses).

“Have been an active member of the ETN community since PRE-ICO. ​Invested during the ICO and luckily made 2x on my investment during the great crypto-pump of 2017.
Still had about 15% of my initial ETN until this morning when i finally sold it all off. ​I originally was very optimistic about the idea/application of Electroneum, even defended developers for a while. However, after seeing how horrible this project has been (and continues to be) managed I had to get away.”

This is just one of the posts where holders call it a day and jump ship.

Reasons for this?

Well, as I have covered this multiple times, the team is utterly technically incompetent to pull off what they wrote in their whitepaper. They are just a marketing agency that took advantage of an ICO frenzy and racked up millions in ETH. They did good, some of their holders as well (those that sold early), but the rest of the guild is gonna learn it the hard way – by paying for the lesson.

Electroneum “mining app” doesn’t work, it is constantly stuck and doesn’t transfer the rewards to the “miners”.
The mining rewards are already peanuts, averaging at less than 5 ETN per day (a whopping 3 cents per day), with some users doing far less than that (0.5 ETN).

ETN token is losing value…

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