Eide Bailly joins two blockchain industry associations

Following a big ramp-up of investment in blockchain products and services, Top 100 Firm Eide Bailly has joined the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance and the Accounting Blockchain Coalition, two alliances dedicated to educating businesses and organizations on matters relevant to digital assets and distributed ledger technology, including blockchain.

Eide Bailly’s responsibilities in both groups will be to collaborate with other members and industry leaders to further their mission of promoting the adoption of cryptoassets and blockchain technology across global markets. Eide Bailly’s stated goal is to leverage the various working groups from the two organizations to evolve into a leading industry resource and community for organizations involved with blockchain in accounting and beyond.

“There are a number of new technologies that are disrupting the way business is done, and blockchain is one of those technologies,” said Eide Bailly chief innovation officer Ross Manson. “It is very exciting for Eide Bailly to be a member of both the WSBA and ABC, as these two organizations are at the front of blockchain and cryptoasset education, progressing the accounting profession. We look forward to making connections and integrating our knowledge to provide solutions to our clients.”

For their part, the alliances will help Eide Bailly advise clients about blockchain issues impacting their various industries.

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