Educational Resources for Bitcoin: Complete Guide

A common thread among all emergent technologies is that there numerous misconceptions, general confusion, and many times, outright dismissiveness of the particular technology.

While that is to be expected for most young technological innovations, it is striking in its gravity among Bitcoin’s critics and people who even still tout ‘blockchain, not Bitcoin.’

Historically, the rise of new technology — such as the Internet — presents unique challenges in helping people to overcome the barrier to understanding precisely what it is, as well as its potential. This is mainly because such technologies are unprecedented, and access to information was much less accessible before the modern web.

However, with Bitcoin, it’s different. People now have access to the most open and wide-ranging repository of information in history (i.e., the Internet) and sagacious analysis of the origins of money.

Despite the consistently increasing volumes of metrics, analysis, and general information on Bitcoin and its underlying technologies, the problem of onboarding more people is still evident.

People may disagree with the underlying value proposition of Bitcoin, but it is continually frustrating when the arguments against it draw from a place of ignorance about basic concepts within the technology and broader monetary perspective of the legacy cryptocurrency.

Conversely, for people seeking more resources on Bitcoin, it can seem like a daunting task. Varied information is dispersed across the Internet, the technology is complicated, the notion of social consensus abstract, and placing Bitcoin in the context of the history of money is bizarre for people who just learned that fiat money is a relatively new phenomenon.

Curated resource lists are hard to find many times, so we decided to provide a directory of some of the best resources for learning about Bitcoin, its technology, and social/economic impact.

We have created our own guide to Bitcoin here at Blockonomi, so use that as a…

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