Economic & Political Roundup – Mar 2020

A collation of recent insights on markets and economies taken from the comments made by chairmen and investment managers of investment companies – have a read and make your own minds up. Please remember that nothing in this note is designed to encourage you to buy or sell any of the companies mentioned… Read more

Global (thoughts fromBrunner, Herald, JPMorgan Global Growth and Income, Scottish Americanand Smithson)

Flexible investment (thoughts from Ruffer)

UK(thoughts fromBlackrock Throgmorton, City Of London,Diverse Income,Henderson Opportunities, Investment Company, JPMorgan Mid Cap,Murray Income,Standard Life UK Smallerand Temple Bar)

North America(thoughts from Blackrock North American Income)

Japan (thoughts fromAVI Japan Opportunity)

Europe(thoughts fromEuropean Opportunitiesand TR European Growth)

Global emerging markets(thoughts from Aberdeen Emerging Markets, Aberdeen Frontier Markets, Genesis Emerging Markets,Gulf Investment Fund and Mobius)

Private equity(thoughts fromPantheon)

Debt(thoughts fromRiverstone Credit Opportunities Income)

Biotech and healthcare (thoughts fromBB Healthcare)

Renewable energy infrastructure(thoughts from Bluefield Solar, Greencoat UK Windand Renewables Infrastructure Group)

Commodities and natural resources (thoughts from Blackrock Energy &Resources Incomeand Blackrock World Mining)

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