eComchain Announces New eCommerce Features around Blockchain and AI for 2020

In today’s crowded marketplace of eCommerce providers, exceeding customer’s expectations are crucial. The usual “nice to have” features have now become “must haves” and that is what eComchain has striven to provide to their customers in 2019; a complete out-of-the-box solution with no additional development required. Most customers today expect technology companies to also provide voice interfaces for their eCommerce storefronts as well as intelligent, personalized experience based on their past orders, search results, user clicks, and other important parameters. In 2019, eComchain customers have been able to leverage these “must haves” with just 1-click using the intuitive dashboard which are rich with features. As a one-stop-shop, eComchain has delivered a number of integrated approaches to their Enterprise-level clients who have implemented complex ERP platforms.

In July 2019, one of eComchain’s clients who are a global manufacturer garage door parts, went online and was able to generate close to $200,000 (USD) in daily online revenue. They migrated from an archaic 20 year-old platform to a responsive, enhanced, feature-rich eCommerce platform on eComchain which provided them business-intelligent reports around revenue by day, week, and location as well as information regarding abandoned carts.

2019 has been a year of new developments and these have been some of the most significant advancements:

Microservices or Headless eCommerce

In October 2019, eComchain implemented this new service to enable any Content Management System (such as Drupal, WordPress or Sitecore or any other kind of CMS platform) to be able to connect with eComchain with very minimal development effort.

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Marketplace Platform

Also in October, eComchain launched a new feature for supplier-dependent businesses by using eComchain’s Marketplace platform to invite suppliers to upload their products / catalogs…

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