Earth First Food Ventures (EFFV) – Social Impact Investing within FoodTech

Earth Food Ventures

Operating out of Grand Cayman, Earth Food Ventures (EFFV) was first established by Delos AM in 2020.  The company continues to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Delos AM, to this day.

Primarily, EFFV is an active venture capitalist firm specializing in FoodTech.  Moving forward, EFFV hopes to also establish itself as a service provider within the sustainable food sector.

Whats the Problem?

As time marches forward, consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable in many respects.  With regards to fuelling our bodies and protecting our planet, this has resulted in greater demands for a variety of information.

  • Transparent supply chains
  • Sustainability in product and operations
  • Organic
  • Reduced environmental impact/footprints

These might sound reasonable and logical, however, they might not be as easy to achieve.  The first thing needed, is for a company to step up to the plate, and incorporate these demands into the foundation of their operations.  This is where EFFV steps in.

How Will They Solve It?

It is clear that there is no one approach that will solve all of the issues plaguing the sustainability, and development, of food technology.  Recognizing this, EFFV has set their sights on a few specific goals.

  1. Expansion of, and increased exposure/stake in, ‘Crate To Plate’; A company specializing in the installation of self-contained hydroponic gardens – something particularly useful in an urban setting.
  2. Develop an in-house service platform, specializing in take-out and delivery of sustainable, vegan, food product.
  3. Continue practicing ‘social impact investing’ in funds such as 8F Aquaculture, and its effort to establish ‘Pure Salmon’ as a sustainable means of land-based Salmon harvesting – saving our oceans as a result.

The Team

Behind every good company, is a good team.  The following individuals, along with various advisors, are responsible for EFFV.

Brian Ruszcyk – Cofounder & CEO

Ricardo Radwanski…

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