Earn NFTs watching TV, DAO pays $1M for Aoki and 3LAU track … and more

Blockchain-based streaming service Sator has developed a decentralized app that will enable users to earn NFTs, tokens and “other rewards” by watching TV and playing games.

While details are sparse on the exact amount of rewards users can receive, according to the website, NFTs awarded will be directly tied to amount of shows watched, and time spent engaging with puzzles and TV trivia on the app.

Sator CEO Isla Perfito said the firm has created: “An easy and powerful solution for TV producers to turnkey deliver a unique NFT experience of their shows while viewers are tuned in.”

He added that, “NFTs will bring lots of activity to the platform, a fantastic jumping off point for a user looking to dive in to blockchain technology.”

While it hasn’t been revealed what TV show rights the app is planning to acquire, the company did announced that it recently closed a $2 million seed round which included investment from Faculty Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, Digital Strategies and PetRock Capital.

Jenny from the blockchain

The Jenny DAO has paid $1 million for a one off NFT track produced by DJ’s Steve Aoki and 3LAU.

The one-of-one NFT is a tokenized song named “Jenny” and was commissioned to celebrate the recent launch of the Jenny Metaverse DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, on Unicly. The NFT contains an unreleased track by Aoki and 3LAU, and is accompanied by visual art from Pieter Hergert.

The NFT was minted on OpenSea by 3LAU, also known as Justin Blau, and then transferred to vault controlled by a smart contract on the Unicly Protocol which enables users to combine, fractionalize and trade their NFT collections.

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