Earn Money by Selling NFT Properties in Upland – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Hidden among a press release published on November 10, 2020 is one of the most significant developments in blockchain history: By partnering with Tilia Pay, Upland.me, a virtual property metaverse that offers true ownership of NFT property parcels mapped to real addresses, has taken a giant leap towards creating the world’s first true digital economy.

As the earth’s metaverse, Upland is blurring and ultimately erasing the line between the real world and the digital world. Upland has now been bringing that proposition to life with Property-to-USD. By spending the past two years building a metaverse that offers true ownership of digital assets via blockchain tech, Upland has asymptotically been approaching their goal of building a fully realized market-based digital economy.

So far, Upland allowed purchasing of digital assets via fiat or crypto (through UPX) and the in-game resale and trading of those assets. Upland has established a true free market based on supply and demand. While Upland acknowledges that it has been host to speculators and hodlers, optimists and pessimists, buyers and sellers alike, Upland’s new partnership with Tilia Pay marked the day when Upland became a true market-based economy. Why?

Because in Upland, the value of your digital assets can now be converted back into a real-world value form: U.S. dollars.

Upland is now an extension of the international economy. The surplus value of players’ engagement with their metaverse—from the properties they decide to buy, to their locations, down to the very moment when players decided to buy them, all of those critical decisions that propel and agitate, on a macro level, Upland’s free market’s demand curves—can now be recouped in U.S. dollars. Upland is the first and only blockchain metaverse to offer this ability.

Upland’s users can sell their virtual NFT property assets using Second Life’s payments network, called Tilia Pay. This…

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