DuckDAO & Tron Partnership to Benefit Both Ecosystems

Tron has entered into a wide ranging partnership with DuckDAO. As a part of this cooperation, all Tron projects will be accessible on DuckDAO, and participate in IDOs. DuckDAO’s service will be available via Tron, and DuckDAO will have the potential to help Tron projects grow.

Ken, the Co-Founder of DuckDAO, told media,

“TRON is establishing itself as a powerhouse in the DeFi market, with one of the biggest and most active communities in the entire crypto space…This partnership with TRON is an extension of our efforts to collaborate with the largest blockchain ecosystems.”

DuckDAO is a community-driven project incubator that operates in the DeFi space. It provides access to capital and expertise, as well as a knowledge base for new projects. It initially operated in the Ethereum space but has branched out into both the Binance Smart Chain and the Poladot platforms.

New Connections for Tron on DuckDAO

Tron has been able to grow its presence in the blockchain space by offering unique capabilities to the community, like its inexpensive and fast Proof-of-Stake (PoS) architecture. While other platforms, like Ethereum, have become expensive and slow to use, Tron has remained a quick option for developers.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, commented,

“Forging partnerships with excellent blockchain solutions like DuckDAO has been paramount to TRON’s growing success…We are excited to be collaborating with the DuckDAO team to further expand the capabilities of both projects.”

Tron recently became a go-to platform for NFTs, which need to have access to a network that isn’t as expensive as Ethereum. There are also other reasons why Tron has become a popular platform, and why this partnership could help it grow.

NFTs and Beyond

Tron and DuckDAO are operating in a market that is looking for new platforms to help offset the growing demand for cryptos, and crypto-backed products.

Recently, singer and celebrity Lindsay Lohan opted to use the Tron…

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