Dubai Incoming

What is an oasis? A chance to get replenished? Be challenged by illusions? Make dreams come through?

Perhaps all of the above as life has taught me to expect from vortex energy, high net worth, and to-the-core core energized blockchain events. Despite the COVID craziness, it’s time to pack the air camel full of fire artworks, prepare a new keynote about NFT’s, and get ready to ride the dune luxury of Dubai. The Future Blockchain Summit is upon us in less than two weeks, so there is still time to book everything, and get some sand stuck in curious places.

Don’t know about you, but from a Nordic perspective, where the day now sets at around 3 PM – this is looking pretty delicious.

After various missions to the desert oasis of Las Vegas, it’s time to gear up for another kind of “same same but different” experience. With the help of a Finnish home team, the Brittany Kaiser team, and everyone at the Future Blockchain Conference, the support level for this is unprecedented for me. One of the main focus points is to get the Brittany project funded, so we are on the lookout for blockchain companies to come along a hurricane of an NFT, big data, crypto art and blockchain journey. As much as I love all the conferences I’ve been to and the COVID restrictions have made me miss them an awful lot – they were mostly full of already familiar faces by now.

This time I don’t know almost anyone in the speaker roster, but due to some amazing help, will land into a well taken care of premise.

Anita Kalergis aka Krypto Granny

The Team

We’d like to think, due to blockchain solutions, that trust is no longer necessary, but in reality it is a vital component alongside respect, to really get things done. The communities, and the builders of them, are often not praised enough for what they do, so I wanted to bring some VIP individuals to the spotlight from behind the scenes.

The last time I was in Dubai, I was five years old, flying…

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