Drones And Blockchain Technology 4 Ways They Work Together

Technology constantly goes through evolution. Recent advancements have ushered in a whole new era of innovation. While blockchain technology was first outlined in 1991, and implemented in 2008, drone technology has been around for much longer – Nearly a century. Drone technology, has recently gained traction, and is widely used in businesses, as people have begun to realize its potential, and capabilities. From being used to predict weather, to its use in agriculture, and wildlife conservation, among others, drone technology finds its use aplenty.

The global market for the implementation of drone technology for business services, stands at $127 Billion – A staggering number. Northwards of 1.3 Million drones have been registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FDA), and this in turn poses new challenges, and great risks, when it comes to managing air traffic, and creating flight plans. Not so surprisingly, pilots are seeing drones more often than they should be – While flying an aircraft!

According to the FAA, more than 2000 drones were spotted by pilots in 2018, while one of these drones hit a Boeing 737. This led to the radio and communication equipment of the aircraft being damaged. While the plane landed safely, with no reported causalities, things could have, and would turned sour if an accident did in fact take place. This is where blockchain technology comes into the equation. Blockchain technology can be used to suffice this problem, as well as a few more issues pertaining to the use of drones.

Blockchain technology is being actively pursued to improve data security across sectors of business. Drones can be provisioned with cryptographic data, by using distributed ledger technology. This will ensure that the data transmitted by drones is secure, as it is encrypted. Drones can then be used in carrying out sensitive missions and tasks, or in other business applications.

To put it into perspective, if drones are being used in the system of…

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