Dozens of Altcoins Outperform BTC, Fueling Altseason Talks

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The cryptocurrency market shows its intriguing, even if unpredictable, face yet again with dozens of altcoins from the top 100 coins outperforming Bitcoin in the past week. This has led many in the Cryptoverse to ask that all-too-familiar question yet again: has the altcoin season begun?

While the most popular coin of them all shows a growth of 4.67% in the last seven days (08:51 UTC), numerous others have risen beyond that. Twenty-six other tokens, to be precise. Looking in the top 10 group, we find Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and EOS surpassing BTC, in that order. Ethereum has seen a rise of 4.86%, while EOS appreciated 15.43%.

As a matter of fact, EOS is currently in the 10th spot of the most-appreciated coins, the first place being occupied by Karatagold Coin with a rise of 84.33% in the last seven days. This 43rd coin among the top 100 is followed by the 44th coin, NEXT, which saw a rise of just above 70%.

RIF Token, with a growth of 4.68, is just above Bitcoin. It is preceded by coins such as Ethereum Classic (4.74%), Cardano (5.18%), Dash (8.90%), and others.

Best performing coins from the Top 100:

Dozens of Altcoins Outperform BTC, Fueling Altseason Talks 102
Source:, UTC 08:51

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin dominance, or the percentage of the total market capitalization, is below 70% again and now stands where it was a week ago, at c. 68.7%.

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Following this development in the market, the question was asked:

People have shared various answers to this questions, from positive to negative and many in between. While a few people believe that there are no more altseasons, at least not as they were seen so far, others believe that there will not be an altcoin season until BTC starts correcting, and, according to the third type of opinion, there will always be an altcoin season.

Some have gone back to the beginning of the issue, such as Su Zhu, CEO of Three Arrows…

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