Download: AMD Chipset driver v2.04.04.111

A couple of weeks ago AMD released a new chipset driver, in our forums we already noticed an unusual number of people having issues with actually installing these, as the installation halted.

AMD now has released an updated chipset driver that resolves these issues. The drivers hold v also have a new installer interface.

DOWNLOAD: AMD Chipset drivers

Release Highlights

  • Removed deprecated device IDs from the IOV driver
  • Removed deprecated device IDs from the USB 3.0 driver
  • General system stability improvements

Fixed Issues

  • Installer may hang during installation progress
  • Installer may abort with “Error 1720” code
  • Installation will not install on a non C: location
  • Resolved screen rotation bug with select AMD mobile processors
  • Rare system halt on 7th Gen AMD A-Series APUs

Known Issues

  • Windows Installer pop up message may appear during install
  • Moving installer window during install process may cause installer window to flicker/move around the screen
  • Cannot open installation log file after completion
  • Installer may not update a sub-package to the latest version
    o Workaround: Manually uninstall any prior sub-package, reboot, then re-install the full Chipset package

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