Dow Futures Erupt as Stock Market’s Year-End Party Hits High Gear

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average futures are roaring early Friday morning.
  • The stock market’s year-end spirit shows no signs of slowing down thanks to a bunch of catalysts.
  • A downturn is expected in 2020, but the market will continue to shoot up until then.

Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) are up strongly early Friday morning as the stock market looks set to close the week on a high on the back of the Santa Claus rally. The Dow finished Thursday strongly with a 100-point rally, and the futures action today suggests that an even better session might be in the cards.

The Dow and the broader stock market are unlikely to be impacted by any earnings reports or economic data points today. There is no action on those fronts. So it is likely that investors will continue to buy more stocks as the gloominess related to the trade war and broader economic downturn has receded into the background.

Dow futures explode as investor enthusiasm shows no signs of dying down

Dow Jones futures are up a whopping 89 points or 0.31 percent, as at 6.19 am ET. This indicates that a terrific day for the stock market is in the cards.

Dow Jones futures are roaring early Friday morning as the stock market looks set for another strong day. | Source: Yahoo! Finance

S&P 500 futures are also up 0.25 percent while Nasdaq Composite futures are also in the green with pre-market gains of 0.35 percent.

The stock market is all set to make merry today

The Dow and the broader stock market are likely to be positively impacted by developments on the U.S.-China trade deal. According to a Reuters report, the Chinese commerce ministry said yesterday that Beijing and Washington are in close contact with each other, going through key details before the pact is officially signed.

President Trump is also indulging in some showboating on his part. He says that the two countries will hold a ceremony to ink the deal, which is expected to be completed in January.

The limited trade deal signed…

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