Donald Trump Has a Terrible Choice to Make as Coronavirus Deaths Continue to Mount

  • Despite health officials objecting, President Donald Trump is looking to kick start the economy in a matter of weeks, not months.
  • Coronavirus could affect the life expectancy of the infected. It’s important to remember, however, that the economy is also a factor.
  • The choice facing President Trump is to accept deaths in the short-term from the pandemic or risk a far higher number of deaths in the longer term from economic decisions.

The consensus among health officials and some government leaders is that the lockdown that spans much of America at the moment has to continue. Donald Trump isn’t so sure.

It’s believed that more than 100 million Americans will soon be subjected to stay-at-home demands. This will drive the country further into a recession.

There is no easy answer to this dilemma

Sure, we can all take to social media to proclaim that lives matter more than profits. That may grab you a few ‘likes’ and shares. But, it’s a fundamentally flawed way of looking at the present situation.

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Professor François Balloux, chair in computational biology at University College in London, believes that medical professionals are looking at only one side of the problem.

A report carried out by disease-modelling experts at Imperial College shows that a less stringent approach to the coronavirus pandemic in the U.K. would result in 250,000 deaths. At the same time, a more aggressive lockdown scenario could take those numbers down to 20,000.

According to Balloux, the aggressive approach doesn’t take into account the social and economic consequences.

Commenting on the report, Balloux said:

There is a strong correlation between life expectancy and the economy. If you go to Somalia life expectancy is not the same as in the U.K. or Europe, and the reason is the economy. If you trash the economy, you trash the health system and education – and if you trash the health system and education, you trash life expectancy.

Balloux admitted that the…

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