Do Early Bitcoin Investors and Backers Hold Advantages Over Recent Crypto Asset Supporters?

With the emergence of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009, many people globally, could not comprehend the idea of digital currencies and the blockchain technology.

People generally, were unsure about investing in this ‘virtual asset’ which they didn’t really understand.

Bitcoin Then And Now

This ‘virtual asset’ concept was however adopted by a few people early on, by the purchase of Bitcoin (BTC).

Looking at this early adopters of Bitcoin, who acquired BTC when it was worth 1 dollar, in July of 2011, they would be currently holding about $5,954.8 worth of BTC. This current BTC value would in theory, make these early BTC investors wealthier than employees of Google or Microsoft before their respective IPOs.

In terms of long term crypto investments, people who invested in Bitcoin (BTC) before the digital asset gained mass popularity and adoption, have a huge advantage over the newer investors in the cryptocurrency market.

Global Financial Future

A Twitter user and Bitcoin enthusiast, Stephen Cole, stated emphatically in a tweet, that the world’s financial future will be influenced majorly by the early BTC adopters, if the digital currency gains global adoption. He tweeted :

“My response to a friend asking about the concentration of wealth in Bitcoin.
tldr: “Early adopters will be the most powerful entities in the world, just as powerful as modern day nation states. They’ll have a big influence on how the next few decades are shaped.””

He said that Bitcoin (BTC) has an inconsistent capital flow, being that it’s still on its uncertain stage, but in the near future, it will become more stable for real life transactions and become globally acceptable.

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