DLT’s Great Leap Forward, Bitcoin Horders, a16z’s New Fund

China is taking charge in the digitization of the world economy.

Yesterday, it revealed a testing environment for its DC/EP central bank digital currency (CBDC), which may one day supplant physical cash in the second largest economy. Further, high ranking officials set April 25 for the launch of its national blockchain platform, the Blockchain Service Network (BSN), which will enable developers to plug in and code blockchain applications on a centralized platform.

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Crypto’s Great Leap Forward

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Stacking Sats?
Investors are accumulating bitcoin ahead of next month’s miner reward halving, recent data suggests. The seven-day moving average of the total number of bitcoin held in exchange addresses fell to 2,214,365 on April 14 – the lowest level since last June – according to numbers from blockchain intelligence firm Glassnode.

Digital Gold
Is physical gold leaving digital gold behind? The gap between gold and bitcoin returns has frustrated traders who predict that trillions of dollars of coronavirus-related emergency aid and monetary stimulus from the Federal Reserve and…

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