Digital Banking Services In The Crypto Era With EQIBank

ValueWalk’s Interview with Jason Blick, the CEO and Director of EQIBank. In this interview, Jason discusses his and his company’s background, working with businesses and high-net-worth individuals who are in need of digital banking services, his views on the cryptocurrency markets, dealing with the cumbersome KYC and AML procedures, and why EQIBank’s chosen jurisdiction is Dominica.

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Since 2015, the EQIBank team has been focused on operational excellence and the attached is designed to provide a summary of how far ahead EQIBank is compared to most Challenger Banks – especially in terms of operating dynamics, product and market selection and margin protection.  As you know, we are now revenue generating and in addition to fostering organic growth, broadening our base of high-margin clients and cooperating with strong partners, EQIBank is committed to accelerated expansion. Put simply, we have delivered one of the most exciting Bank’s in the digital space and are attracting substantial market, client and industry attention.

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EQIBank is licensed to provide full banking services, including standard transactions such as foreign exchange, wire transfers, regular deposits, letters of credit, bank guarantees, and all of the benefits you would expect of a leading financial institution.

We benefit from:

  • Multi-jurisdictional onshore and offshore client-centric business model
  • Sustainable growth through the cross servicing of all our lines of business
  • Uniform and global digital strategy and vertical stack
  • Best of breed cost to income ratio
  • Tax exempt status”

Can you tell us about your background?

Im a UK qualified lawyer, focused on banking and financial services. Over the last 20 years I have advised projects worth…

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